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Venezuela denounces the illegal occupation of its headquarters in US

US gives away Venezuelan properties - reports on officials loyal to Juan Guaido who have taken control of the country’s military attaché building in Washington, DC. They did so with the blessing of the US state department and now have their sights on the Venezuelan embassy itself.

US peace activists stranded in Venezuela – Bahman Azad of the US Peace Council talks to RT

Venezuela-Statement by Bernd Riexinger, co-chair of DIE LINKE, the german Left Party: No military intervention by the US and its allies!

President Maduro to Carry out Deep Government Restructuring

Supporters Around the World Rally, Crying 'Hands Off Venezuela'

„Hands off Venezuela“ Rally in Berlin on March 16 in Solidarity with the Protests in Washington DC and Los Angeles

Venezuela’s foreign minister on ‚failed‘ coup and the new Non-Aligned Movement

Yankees go home! Global mobilizations in solidarity with Venezuela

Hands Off Venezuela March on Washington

South African Workers Rally in Solidarity With Venezuela

"No War for Oil" as Thousands March Against US Intervention in Venezuela

What’s Behind Venezuela’s Blackout?

Saturday, March 16, 12pm - White House, Washington, D.C. National March on Washington: Hands off Venezuela!
No coup, no sanctions, no new U.S. war! ANSWER Coalition

Grayzone - Videolist - Dirty War on Venezuela

Greenwald: White House Spread False Story About Venezuela
Burning Aid Trucks to Win Support for War (Democracy Now)

Max Blumenthal: Report From the Real Venezuela

Reporter Confronts U.S. Gov. Tool On Venezuela Lies

The Pentagon’s “Ides of March”: Best Month to Go to War.
Has the US “Declared War” on Venezuela?

End Venezuela Sanctions Says Rep. Ro Khanna and 15 Progressive Democrats

Venezuela Update: Massive Blackout, US Unconventional Warfare?

Trump's "Coalition of the Willing" Against Venezuela Has Legitimacy Issues of Their Own

Interview with Venezuelan engineering professor on blackout, attack on Guri power plant

Venezuelans collect wastewater for household use

Clashes in Caracas after Guaido’s supporters heed his protest call

CrossTalk on Venezuela: Pitching Propaganda

Venezuelan Communities Are Working to Provide Food for All Citizens

Trump is asking $500 million for intervention in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro Announces Commission To Investigate Electric Sabotage

FtS 03-12: Venezuela: Two people caught trying to continue sabotage

The Attack on Venezuela's Electrical System

Open Letter by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to the American People – Hands off Venezuela

Venezuela Gives US Diplomats 72 Hours to Leave the Country

Cuba: Electric Sabotage Against Venezuela is Terrorism

Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela More Serious than First Believed
By Stephen Lendman

Sanders, Warren, and Ocasio-Cortez Back Pledge to Bring Post-9/11 Conflicts to a Close - 'The American People Do Not Want Endless War':
"Congress must reassert its constitutional authority over the use of force and responsibly end these interventions," said the Vermont senator.

The New York Times Sees the Light: Opposition Burned “Aid” (teleSUR)
also revealed that the trucks were not carrying humanitarian aid but logistic material aimed to support the “guarimbas,” the opposition barricades that have caused many victims in past opposition protests.

US Stealth War on Venezuela – Nationwide power outage goes into days – suspicion grows (
As Venezuela’s nationwide crippling power outage goes into days, rather than hours, the suspicion grows that the South American country has been hit with a mass attack by the United States.

VIDEO: U.S. hands off Venezueala No coup, no sanctions, no war – feat. Roger Waters, Abby Martin, Margaret Kimberly, Medea Benjamin, Max Blumenthal, Eugene Puryear and others.

Venezuela blames sabotage & ‘US electricity war’ after major power outage

Russia to ‘do its best’ to prevent US intervention in Venezuela: top lawmaker

International Day of Action - Feb. 23 - Solidarity with Venezuela

Venezuelas FM has support of 60 UN-memberstates defending UN-Principles and non-interventionism

Important arguments raised by the Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza at the UN Security Council on Feb 26, 2019

Significant Response': Bolton Warns Against Attempts to Prevent Guaido Return

Venezuela’s Ex-Envoy to United Nations Dubs Russia, China, Turkey ‘Anti-Democratic Rogue Nations’ “anti-American rogue states,” and advocates for the military option.

Venezuela: The US failed attempts to split armed forces

#23Feb  VIDEOS #HandsOffVenezuela - Global Action Day

Juan Guaidó probably constitutes a violation of international law.
A recent study conducted by the German parliament's independent scientific research service found that international recognition of the self-proclaimed "interim president"  Diskussion with Andrej Hunko, who commissioned the study

The Coup Has Failed & Now the U.S. Is Looking to Wage War: Jorge Arreaza, Foreign Minister of Venezuela Speaks Out
Democracy Now - February 25th

Unilateral Act of Recognising a Foreign Head of State & Threats of Military Intervention against the Government of Venezuela violate the UN Charter and its principle of the sovereign equality of states. (The Research Services of the German Bundestag)

Complete UN-Security meeting on Venezuela crisis Feb. 26

VIDEO: Venezuela’s Former Minister of Communes and Culture Talks to TRNN About the Crisis

VIDEO: US Sanctions on Venezuela Possibly Worse than Iraq Sanctions Before War

VIDEO: The “Permanent War State” Aims to Plunder Venezuela – Wilkerson and Jay

VIDEO: Filmmaker Boots Riley Condemns US Intervention Attempts in Venezuela

Hard for US to ‘sell regime change’ in Venezuela – Daniel McAdams (RT America)

Front-row seat to regime change in Venezuela (RT America)

China Wants 'Constructive' Help For Venezuela and opposes foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs or use of 'so-called 'humanitarian aid' for political aims.'

Williamson, Member of Parliament (Labour): "If we were genuinely concerned about human rights...we wouldn't be beating drum of war"

Venezuela Crisis: The Army Vehicles Incident, Another False Flag Operation

US Senator Marco Rubio Posts Pic of Gaddafi’s Murder as Pompeo Says Maduro’s Days ‚Numbered‘ (Sputniknews)

US Coup Suffers Defeat In Venezuela, Protests Grow Against US Intervention (

The War on Venezuela Is Built on Lies. „A war has been declared on Venezuela, of which the truth is ‚too difficult‘ to report“ – John Pilger has his take on Venezuela (Counterpunch)

Hands Off Venezuela: Historic Stance at the United Nations against US Imperialism - approximately 60 aligned states whose combined populations comprise more than half the people of the world now support Venezuela. In a spectacular display of solidarity and strength, envoys from distant capitals as Beijing and Havana, Moscow and Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas, Damascus and Managua and numerous other states stood together, side by side, in front of the United Nations Security Council, declaring their determination to protect the UN Charter and International Law, and holding sacrosanct the sovereignty and inviolability of each member state.

Venezuelan Government Accuses US of Threatening With Military Aggression - US military has been airlifting food, medical supplies and other products to a Colombian border town despite President Maduro blocking the way for their delivery to Venezuela. The US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido has declared 23 February as the day humanitarian aid would enter the country.

Maduro Says Russia to Deliver 300 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela - "We receive humanitarian support every day. On Wednesday, 300 tonnes of Russian humanitarian aid will be legally delivered to the international airport of Caracas," Maduro said on Monday.

Venezuela: OAS is Preparing the Conditions for War

Venezuela's UN Ambassador Samuel Moncada Defends Venezuela

Venezuela's UN Ambassador Samuel Moncada At The OAS- "The Coup Failed"

Venezuelans' message to the US: Hands off our country

Ilhan Omar Grills Trump’s Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams on His Role in US-Backed Genocide in 1980s

Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane with Possible CIA Ties

Imperialist Aggression and What We Can Learn from the Attempted Coup Against Venezuela
Global Research, February 13, 2019

Protest Berlin Feb, 8: Hands off Venezuela! (Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin)

Actor and Activist Danny Glover on the Conflict Over Venezuela

Elliott Abrams: The War Criminal Running US Policy in Venezuela

Mexico's Lopez Obrador's Position on Venezuela Marks Return to Foreign Policy Tradition

US Influence in Venezuela Is Part of a Two Centuries-old Imperial Plan
By Shane Quinn

Feb. 10 - The Red Cross of Colombia explains why so-called humanitarian aid from US is not humanitarian aid.

What’s Next for Venezuela as U.S. & Opposition Reject Negotiations Aimed to End Crisis Peacefully? (Democracy Now)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro exclusive interview to RT Spanish, speaking about the threats of war and of foul play in politics. 'I won't be remembered as a traitor' (EXCLUSIVE)

Leave the Venezuelan people alone’: Roger Waters calls US actions ‘insanity’
Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has lashed out at the US government
for destroying “real democracy” in Venezuela, calling for an end to “Trump’s coup” in the Latin American country.

Germany: Left Party accuses US of coup bid in Venezuela
German opposition condemns foreign interference, calls for internal dialogue to resolve crisis

The real Venezuela: From Caracas, Prof. Aline Piva explains US coup attempt

Venezuela-Solidarity Declaration supported by 30 Communist Parties

Maduro must go!’ US targets only corrupt officials to save Venezuelans, Guaido tells RT

Venezuela: The U.S.’s 68th Regime Change Disaster - by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies

#MultiPolar World, Sign Petition, for Peace, #HandsOffVenezuela (Radio Pacific Sur de Costa Rica)

Protest 8.2. BERLIN #HandoffVenezuela Pueblos Unidos por #Venezuela! 8.2.

Venezuela Regime Change Project: The German Government supports the „interim president“ Guaidó.
A Statement of the Scientific Service Research Group within the German Parliament now explicitly questions the legality of the procedure.

Legendary soccer star Diego Maradona supports Venezuelan President Nicolás #Maduro.

Bolivian president slams US aid supplies to #Venezuela as double standards 

The US is using Color Revolution Strategies In Venezuela – by Kevin Zeese

Support for dialogue and peace in Venezuela
– A signature collection drive for international solidarity friends

US ‘Regime Changes’: The Historical Record – By Prof. James Petras

Venezuela: Eurasia Teams Up Against American Hegemony – by Pepe Escobar

Danny Glover via CODEPINK: I am frankly frightened by the U. S. Government’s dangerous bellicose backing of a coup in Venezuela.

US-Congresswoman Tuli Gabbard. 2020 Presidential Candidate. The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela and let the Venezuelan people determine their own future. 

United National Anti-War Coalition. Sign the petition against US aggression - Take Action Now!

Canada’s unions urge federal government to help restore peace in Venezuela - Call to abstain from seeking regime change and intervening in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela.

Labour Leader Corbyn: The future of Venezuela is a matter for Venezuelans. Calls for more sanctions on Venezuela are wrong. We oppose outside interference in Venezuela, whether from the US or anywhere else.

Many Countries at UN Oppose Trump Interference in Venezuela

Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government

Elliott Abrams, Trump’s Pick to Bring “Democracy” to Venezuela, Has Spent His Life Crushing Democracy
By Jon Schwarz

Trump-bashing Iraq war architect Elliott Abrams to lead US regime change in Venezuela

The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader. By Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal

Common Frontiers Canada: Common Frontiers rejects interference in Venezuela’s democratic order.

The US Is Orchestrating a Coup in Venezuela

Former diplomat Jim Jatras talks about regime-change ambitions.

As U.S. Moves to Oust Maduro, Is Invading Venezuela Next? Allan Nairn on Trump’s Attempted Coup

A War for Oil? Bolton Pushes for intervention and Privatization of Venezuela’s Oil as U.S. Ratchets Up even more Pressure on Maduro

New Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: "Would Destroy What's Left of its Economy"

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said that the African Union had expressed its support for President Nicolas Maduro.

Deputy Chairperson of the African Union, Thomas Kwesi Quartey, has sent a message of solidarity with the people of Venezuela and of support for constitutional president Nicolas Maduro,“ the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter. The message had been handed over to the Venezuelan authorities through the country’s ambassador to Ethiopia, the ministry added.

Russia, Cuba, China, Turkey and Iran have given Maduro’s government full support.

Uruguay's Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the upcoming international conference on the current political crisis in Venezuela, which is to take place in Montevideo on 7 February. The initiative was suggested by Uruguay and Mexico.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for a dialogue without setting any conditions.

Some members of Congress, Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, released statements condemning the U.S. meddling in Venezuela. Omar tweeted: “A U.S. backed coup in Venezuela is not a solution to the dire issues they face, - Trump’s efforts to install a far right opposition will only incite violence and further destabilize the region. We must support Mexico, Uruguay & the Vatican’s efforts to facilitate a peaceful dialogue.”

Democracy Now: Trump’s Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams Is a War Criminal Who Has Abetted Genocide
In an ongoing effort to topple Venezuelan President Maduro, Vice President Pence met with members of the Venezuelan opposition at the White House  alongside Trump’s new special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams.

Medea Benjamin, Democracy Now:
"We have to stand up and say that we believe in the principles of nonintervention, and we call for negotiations to end this crisis, not to follow in the footsteps of what the U.S. is doing, which is putting pressure on the Venezuelan military, to divide it, and to really set the stage for tremendous violence in Venezuela..."

Stop Interfering in Venezuela's Internal Politics - Open Letter signed by 70 scholars on Latin America,
political science, and history as well as filmmakers, civil society leaders, and other experts

A CNN “exclusive” report from inside Venezuela aired multiple times on the network on January 28.
It is a prime example of how influential media outlets in the U.S. effectively create propaganda for the opposition.

U.S. Peace Council — January 26, 2019
Stop the US-Led Coup Against Venezuela! Petitions and Condemnations Are Not Enough
The US Peace Movement Must Act Decisively!

Venezuela: Is President Maduro 'illegitimate'? 10 facts to counter the lies

Bank of England Refuse to Return US$1.2B Venezuelan Gold -

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked - People Are Against Coup

How can crisis in Venezuela be resolved & how will it be? RT speaks to frmr UN special rapporteur

Abby Martin Fact-Checks "No Free Press in Venezuela" Claim

Former special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, UN has told The Independent the US sanctions on the country are illegal -
could amount to “crimes against humanity”
under international law.- “economic warfare against Venezuela is hurting the economy and killing Venezuelans."
‘Modern-day economic sanctions and blockades are comparable with medieval sieges of towns’ - and